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Remington Mulch Co. is Northern Virginia’s premier firewood manufacturer and supplier, serving garden centers, restaurants, re-sellers, and homeowners alike. Being the manufacturer allows us to completely control the quality of our product. We go through great lengths to ensure that we create the area’s best firewood. In addition to clean quality firewood, when you purchase from RMC you will receive honest quantities every time, which is actually a rarity in the firewood business. The following weblinks are videos of the RMC firewood process.

What sets us apart:

-We have 2 high-production firewood kilns, allowing us to produce up to 24 cords of kiln-dried firewood daily.

-We process firewood at a computer controlled, fully electric outdoor factory, right on the beltway. This system allows us to completely control custom lengths and diameters of cut-and-split firewood. From 2″ chunks, to 24″ logs, pizza-cut, or normal firewood, we can handle just about any custom order you may have.

-We split only hardwoods, and that is all you will find in any of our products.

-Our firewood is the cleanest possible product, because the wood never leaves pavement at any of our processing facilities, and because we tumble our firewood immediately before it is sold. This removes all loose bark, dirt, dust, and scraps before the product is delivered.

-We always have dry wood in stock because we manufacture firewood year-round, and if our current stock is ever less than totally seasoned, you will be advised before purchase.

-We sell exact quantities of wood to our customers, always in relation to the standard measurement of firewood, which is a cord.

-Our selection of firewood products is more extensive than any other supplier.

-Our quick delivery service can fulfill your order almost always the next day.

Quick Facts About Firewood:

-In general, seasoned wood has a moisture content of 20% or less. The term “seasoned” is solely referring to whether or not the wood has an acceptable moisture content for burning. In most cases, it takes freshly cut “green” wood 90 days to dry out to the point where it can be considered seasoned. Our wood has typically been in split firewood form for 6-9 months.

-A cord is 128 cubic feet of tightly STACKED firewood. That typically means stacked 8 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 4 feet tall. We deliver in loose bulk form, and have calculated exactly how much we must load in loose form for it to equal 128 cubic feet once it has been stacked.

-Kiln-Dried firewood is always going to be the best firewood experience, however, due to the cost to run the kiln and the labor that goes into loading and unloading it, kiln-dried wood will always be more expensive. Our recommendation to have the best firewood experience is to either buy seasoned or unseasoned wood in the Summer months, and control the dryness by further seasoning it yourself, or pay the extra money for a Kiln-Dried product. There is nothing worse than being smoked out of your own house trying to burn wet wood, and we will go to all lengths to help you prevent that from happening.

For more information, or to place an order over the phone, please call the Springfield office at 571-565-3565.

Note: All photos in the firewood gallery are photos taken at RMC firewood facilities, of real RMC firewood piles. Unauthorized use of RMC content strictly prohibited, all rights reserved.


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