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Why Remington Mulch?

Why should you choose Remington Mulch over other stores to purchase your mulches, soils, composts, and other landscaping needs? It is simple; because they are local to Virginia and because they manufacture the highest quality mulches, soils, and composts on the market. You can go to Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-mart to get your landscaping needs in a bag, but those materials generally come from other parts of the country, not Virginia. Every yard of mulch manufactured by Remington uses quality hardwoods, never pallets, and is available in either bulk or bagged options.

Supporting a company that uses recycled wood products to make mulch and other landscaping materials provides value to the Northern Virginia community. It keeps the local resources of Virginia flowing from tree, to mulch, to the beautiful plant growth.

The process is like this: first the recycled wood is grinded one time in our Diamond Z tub grinders. Then the product ages, becoming mature and consequently darker. After 2-4 months, the single grinds are ground again, resulting in double shredded hardwood mulch. For certain products, Remington colors their double shredded hardwood mulch, which in turn creates Brown, Black, and Red Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch. Demand for these colorized products has been increasing every year for the last few years.

Since Remington Mulch manufactures their own material and has been doing so since 1989, they officially have the formula to creating a consistent high quality product every time.


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