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Soil is a mixture of water, air, organic matter and minerals. The essential function of soil is to support plant life by providing nutrients. Soil is made up of several layers, with topsoil being the uppermost portion. Topsoil is the loose, fertile layer of soil that covers the ground. Grass, plants, and trees grow in topsoil. Topsoil is generally the top 8 inches of soil and is composed of the heaviest concentration of microorganisms and organic matter. This consists of a blend of decaying organic material, with composted material and minerals, which produce a healthy substrate for both trees and plants. Plants get the majority of their nutrients from topsoil, and in addition, the roots of the plant generally stay concentrated within it. If you are trying to grow something, especially grass, topsoil is a necessity.

At Remington Mulch Company, we screen our topsoil to eliminate the large rocks and sticks from the soil, then we add compost to our mix and we are left with a rich, darker looking soil that grass, trees, and plants flourish in. Our topsoil consistently looks and feels the same, so you can rely on us to provide you with superior quality topsoil whether you’re a homeowner or landscape contractor.

Our screened topsoil is enriched with Garden Gro (compost).

It is great for growing grass, use in your flower beds, or use in your vegetable garden.


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