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Good experience

/ 5

I had a very I had a very good experience with these people. I called about mulch and they delivered it to my house the same day in less than 2 hours. It was very helpful because with my MS, I can't work in the heat so to get it on the same cooler day was very helpful. They stacked it where I asked leaving room for my wheelchair to get in and out. I really appreciated that.

Easy peasy, no lemons to squeezy!!

5 / 5

The Town of Vienna, in it's infinite wisdom, stopped doing leaf mulch delivery. I have been putting TONS of leaf mulch on my yard for about 26 years. I just couldn't say no to my gorgeous plants! I contacted you, set up a delivery time and arranged for my helpers to spread the 25 yards of mulch. Snow was forecast, and I called and was able to move up the delivery date. Your driver dropped my load right where I needed it, and my helpers came and now my yard is looking gorgeous. THIS WAS SO EASY, START TO FINISH. SO much better than waiting on the Town of Vienna to deliver, and not being able to get the help in time to get the massive load out of my driveway before snow hit. AND, I got to delay it from mid-February to mid-March, which is much better weather to have to gamble on. Lastly, there wasn't any trash in this mulch, like there usually was with the Town mulch. This was a win-win!!!

Kiln dried wood

5 / 5

Excellent kiln-dried wood. Both the material and the amount exceeded expectation. I mistakenly rejected the first delivery because my moisture meter (inaccurately) gave the wood a higher reading than it should have. Brent was very patient with me and stood behind Remington's product. I'm very happy with the wood and plan to buy it again next year.

Best wood. Best Price.

5 / 5

Simply the best firewood deal I've found in Northern Virginia. I ordered 1/2 cord of kiln-dried mixed hardwood and could not be more pleased. The wood is just excellent. I received a very generous half-cord (by my tally it's at least 3/4 of a cord). The wood is evenly-sized, bone dry, a great mix (mostly oak, lots of cherry, etc.), and burns clear and hot. Remington exceeded expectations on all counts and I'll be ordering from them again for sure. I'm also telling all my friends and neighbors to do the same.

Highly recommend Remington Mulch

5 / 5

We bought one cord of dry firewood for this winter. The service offered by Remington Mulch was absolutely top notch. Price for one cord of dry firewood was competitive in this area and as we live close by, the company did not charge us for delivery. They also delivered our firewood on a Saturday and arrived exactly at 730am as planned. Thank you for a great service! We will definitely pass the word around.


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