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Green Firewood


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Green Firewood is freshly split with a moisture content of 50-60%. This unseasoned firewood is a product cost-conscious customers purchase in the summer months to keep costs down and to ensure that their firewood is properly seasoned for Winter. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT READY TO BURN! It must be stacked in a well-ventilated, exposed to the sun, an area so that the natural drying process can take place for at least 6 months.

What to expect in a RMC firewood delivery:

  • Quantity will always be as advertised, or more.
  • The length of our pieces will always average 16″, 10% or less may be longer or shorter.
  • The diameter of each piece will vary from 1-6″.
  • We split our wood with two 16 way wedges, one of which produces all square pieces. Be aware that in your order you will find both triangular shaped and square/rectangular shaped pieces.
  • There will ALWAYS be some scraps leftover. In a full cord, we expect it to be about four wheelbarrows or less. This is all burnable kindling that you can either use or throw out.

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