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Firewood Rack (1/12th Cord)




RMC delivers a rack of kiln dried firewood to your house and will roll the rack in your driveway, street, or anywhere accessible via flat pavement. Each rack holds exactly 1/12th of a cord. Our racks cannot be rolled up or down steep inclines. We do rack deliveries on Saturdays only. The rack is included in the purchase for you to keep.

Kiln-Dried firewood is the best firewood product available. We recommend this product for anybody expecting extremely easy to light, hassle-free firewood experiences. Most people in Northern Virginia burn wood for ambiance and relaxation, ourselves included. If you fall into this category, we highly recommend you consider this firewood product.

Kiln-Dried firewood lights easier, burns hotter, and produces virtually zero smoke. Kiln-Dried wood burns so efficiently because the flame does not waste any energy boiling water out of the log, so hardly any ash or soot is left after the fire is done, leaving no messy fireplace.

What makes Kiln-Dried Firewood different is that the wood cooks in the kiln for over 24 hours, with chamber temperatures staying steady at 250 degrees. This kills all bugs and mold, and brings moisture content consistently to the 8-12% range. Regular seasoned firewood can be anywhere from 12-25%. This moisture content difference is what makes our Kiln-Dried Firewood the best product available in the Northern Virginia area. Experience Kiln-Dried Firewood once, and the difference will amaze you!

What to expect in a RMC rack firewood delivery:

  • The length of our pieces will always average 16″, 10% or less may be longer or shorter.
  • We split our wood with two 16 way wedges, one of which produces all square pieces. Be aware that in your order you will find both triangular shaped and square/rectangular shaped pieces.


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