Premium Grade Topsoil; top soil

Topsoil blending

Soil is a mixture of water, air, organic matter and minerals. The essential function of soil remains the same: to support plant life by providing nutrients. Soil is made up of several layers, with topsoil being the outermost portion.  Topsoil is the loose, fertile layer of soil that covers the ground. Grass, plants, and trees grow in topsoil. To many people, topsoil looks like as dirt, stones, and sticks. It is generally the top 2 inches of soil and is composed of the heaviest concentration of microorganisms and organic matter. The uppermost layer of soil tends to not go any deeper than 8 inches. It’s a blend of humus (decaying organic material) with composted material and minerals, which produce a healthy substrate for both trees and plants. Topsoil is vital because plants get the majority of their nutrients from it, and plants’ roots are generally concentrated within it. If you are trying to grow something, especially grass, topsoil is a necessity.
At Quail Ridge Products, we screen our topsoil to eliminate the large rocks and sticks from the soil, then we add a small percentage of compost to our mix and we are left with a rich, darker looking soil that grass, trees, and plants absolutely love to grow in. Our topsoil consistently looks and feels the same, so you can rely on us to provide you (whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper, or retailer) with superior quality topsoil.

Topsoil blended

Our screened topsoil is premium grade topsoil enriched with 15% of our Garden Gro Compost. Our topsoil is ideal for many applications such as landscaping projects, planting pits, home gardens, lawns, athletics fields, vegetable gardening, planting beds and more. You could use 100% topsoil, or you could use our topsoil compost blend, which has a rich dark color and is full of nutrients. Given the two options, our blend of topsoil and compost is of higher quality and will be more beneficial to your plants and grasses. We carry out topsoil in both bags and bulk.